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We interview highly respected experts about business, management, marketing, relationships and self-improvement all in 20-minutes or less. New Podcasts air every Mon-Wed-Fri at 7am Eastern. David Brower is a 5-time Voice Arts Awards Nominee, his most recent was for this Podcast. There are over 300 episodes and counting. You can always find us at

Mar 30, 2018

Transcript:                    Thanks, Allan. Hi, this is David Brower with Your 20 Minute Podcast and our special guest today is Carl David. The writer, author of Bader Field: How My Family Survived Suicide. A suicide can tear a family apart as a lot of us know. Art dealer, Carl David, fourth in a line of a...

Mar 28, 2018

Transcript:                         Our special guest today is Jenny Maher from Richmond, Virginia. Did I pronounce your last name right?

Jenny Maher:               Close enough.

David Brower:              Close enough. What is it exactly?

Jenny Maher:               Maher.

David Brower:              Maher, oh, well...

Mar 26, 2018

Transcript:                            This is Your 20-Minute Podcast where we do our best to give you useful information in 20 minutes or less. Today's podcast is brought to you by Audible. Get a free audiobook download and 30-day free trial at Over 180,000 titles to choose from...

Mar 23, 2018

David Brower:              You're talking about true change here. We're not pulling any punches on this, folks.

Meiyoko Taylor:            No.

David Brower:              This is the real deal. This is true change that needs to begin with your own will, your own passion, your own purpose, your own motivation. What you do...

Mar 21, 2018

Transcript:                    Our special guest today is Meiyoko Taylor from the garden state, the beautiful state of New Jersey. Is that how you say that?

Meiyoko Taylor:            That's how some people say it.

David Brower:              It was hard for me to go there. I'm glad I got it out of my system. One of the...